Input Cards for Ultra-Fast Mechanical and Electrical Signals: GN8101B, GN8102B, GN8103B

With 25 MS/s, 100 MS/s or 250 MS/s the high speed input cards are suitable for the acquisition of ultra-fast, accurate and high resolution transient signals in high speed mechanical tests or electrical/electronic environments.

The GN8101B, GN8102B and GN8103B data acquisition (DAQ) input cards offer eight channels each at a very high speed. With selectable anti-aliasing filtering, high bandwidth, and low-noise input amplifiers with 0.1% error, these cards transform the Genesis HighSpeed series into an extremely fast transient recorder – that too at a surprisingly low price per channel. They come in the following three versions:

  • GN8103B: 14-bit resolution with a sample rate of 25 MS/s
  • GN8102B: 14-bit resolution with a sample rate of 100 MS/s
  • GN8101B: 14-bit resolution with a sample rate of 250 MS/s

The enhanced resolution mode increases the input resolution for all models to a 16-bit at lower speeds. The great memory capacity of 8 GByte per board enables capturing longer events, while the digital trigger feature ensures that the data is acquired as and when the event happens.

High Signal Fidelity

  • Error 0.1%
  • 14-/15-/16-bit resolution; dynamic  resolution increase
  • +/-10 mV to +/-100 V input range
  • 1 MOhm or 50 Ohm input

Reliable Acquisition

  • 8 channels for simultaneous acquisition
  • Digital triggers for each channel
  • Up to 200 triggers/s
  • Sample and trigger synchronization between cards and between mainframes (fiber-optical)


  • Sweep-based acquisition or continuous streaming, even simultaneously
  • Sample rate switching on trigger
  • DSP for real time math (at a reduced speed)
  • Additional counter / timer channels and outputs

Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
English (US)
Operating Manuals

Hardware Manual for GEN DAQ mainframe including all options like EtherCAT (chapter 11)

Declaration of Conformity

This is a special version of Perception allowing interested customers to get used to feature from the "next" Perception version to become available.

A Preview version contains new features and is tested, but not to the extent of a regular release. It is also not shipped with new hardware but only available as download for customer to test.

Main improvements in this preview:

- New Phasor display

- CAN channel support in eDrive More Meters

- Automatic digital filtering selection for torque and speed transducers to reduce noise

- Extended evaluation possibilities for conditional actions in user keys

- Several stability improvements


Date: 08/2019  |  Version: 7.42.19221  |  Size: 411 MB
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Perception Enterprise (1-PERC-E64) is no longer required to run the 64-bit version of Perception. Therefore all Perception versions are available in 64-bit.

This 64-bit version of Perception includes "Full install", "Offline install" and "Free viewer install" - each installation with own set of features.

The Free viewer version of Perception software can be used free of charge.

Please note: Perception now includes the instruments firmware. That means it no longer requires an additional download of the firmware for the GEN DAQ systems.

Date: 06/2019  |  Version: 7.40.19176  |  Size: 411 MB
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