Comparison Between HBM's catman and EVIDAS Data Acquisition Software


Essential (now)

(later, under

catman Easy



catman AP

Live data view and storage

Data acquisition with QuantumX, SomatXR, MGCplus, PMX
Data acquisition with optical interrogators
Save test parameters and channel configuration as meta data
Channel configuration with Sensor database and TEDS
Excel like channel configuration directly in channel table 
Channel configuration in invdividual channel dialog
Live visualization of measurement data in charts, numerical display, data table
Extended visualization objects: meter, bar graph, images
Measurement and data acquisition jobs (Trigger)
Store data in most common formats
Video recording
Recording of GPS data
Visualize GPS data in maps
Data storage in HBM Cloud-Storage
Event monitoring and actions
Parallel recording

Live data analysis

General scientific math
Basic FFT
Advanced FFT
Durability Testing math
Advanced Durability functions
Mobile Testing math
Advanced mobile Testing functions

Post process data analysis and handling

Data manager (search for recordings/add to project)
Access to HBM Cloud-Storage
Export data in most common formats
Graphical data visualization
Data cleansing and preparation
Video based data analysis
Visualize GPS data in maps
General scientific math
Basic FFT
Durability Testing math
Mobile Testing math
Basic reporting
Advanced reporting



Additional system functionality

Device configuration
Offline preparation of measurement projects


Frequently asked questions about EVIDAS and catman DAQ software

  • What is EVIDAS Essential?
    EVIDAS Essential is the first edition of the EVIDAS software product family.

  • What is the Roadmap for EVIDAS Essential? Which functions will be developed next?
    After the first release, HBM plans to release a free-of-charge update with enhancements and new functionality, e.g. live FFT spectrum.

  • When do you plan to release new EVIDAS editions?
    EVIDAS Durability and EVIDAS Mobile (for mobile data acquisition) will be developed next. Please refer also to the functional overview between EVIDAS Essential, EVIDAS Durability, EVIDAS Mobile and catman

  • How is the migration path from catman to EVIDAS? Do I need to buy an update?
    All users with an active maintenance contract (valid for at least 6 months) can switch to EVIDAS free of charge! Please contact your sales representative for detailed information.

  • Can I still use previous catman recordings in EVIDAS?
    All recordings stored in standard catman bin format can be used in EVIDAS for review and analysis. The catman bin format can be converted to EVIDAS PNRF format in EVIDAS.


  • What happens with catman?
    For the next few years catman and EVIDAS will co-exist.
  • Will there be further maintenance for catman?
    catman will be maintained for the next few years. Finally EVIDAS will replace catman.
  • What is the licensing concept of EVIDAS? What kinds of license options are available?
    Single seat licenses and floating network licenses are available for EVIDAS.
  • Is an EVIDAS demo version available for evaluation?
    EVIDAS can be used 30 days for evaluation free of charge, with full functionality.
  • Is an EVIDAS viewer edition available?
    EVIDAS Viewer is available free of charge for visual data analysis. Just download regular setup file on \\\EVIDAS, install and choose viewer option.

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