Strain gauge for bolts LB11: Compact and resistant

Bolts are a common construction element used to connect components. The LB11 is a cylindric strain gauge (SG) with lead wires designed to measure strain, force, torque and vibration in bolts, screws and other axial contruction elements. 

It is equipped with copper leads and can directly be used in pre-drilled bolt elements. Therefore, a 2 mm drilling in a structure is required. LB11 comes as tubular-shaped strain gauge and can be used in a temperature range from -200°C  to 140°C.


  • For nominal drillings of 2 mm
  • Cylinder height: 11.5 mm
  • Measuring grid: 3 mm

Strain, force, torque and vibration measurements in the most confined space


  • Temperature response compensation for steel
  • Resistance (Ohm): 120
  • For 1 an 1,5% strain

No soldering on the strain gauge required

Immediate availability

  • Available in stock
  • With 60 mm copper leads


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LB11 Technical Features

  Types available with immediate delivery Nominal (rated) resistance Dimensions [mm/inch] Vmax Soldering terminal
  Steel  Ω Measuring grid Carrier  ?  -
  1-LB11-3/120ZW  120 a b c d    

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