The KFU Series strain gauges are the ideal choice for strcutural tests at exceptional high temperature conditions. Up to 72 hours or less at 350°C or 360 hours or less at 300°C. 

They are only available as a practical already pre-wired version, equipped with a 5 meter long high-temperature protection cable. They are available with a 2 mm and 5 mm grid, depending on the requirements of the individual application. Available with temperature adaptations for ferritic steel, stainless stell, aluminium. 

This product is offered in partnership with Kyowa Electronic Instruments. 

  Ordering number  Temperature Response Nominal Resistance Measuring Grid   Carrier Carrier Max. perm. Effect. Exc. voltage Preattached 3-wire high temperature cable
  1-LKFU11-5/350-3 Ferritic Steel 350 5 2.4 10 3.7  

·         Cable length: 5m

·         Cross section per lead: 0.07mm2

·         cable diameter: 0.38mm

·         Resistance: 0.5 Ohm/m

·         Thermal resistance: -269°C to 120°C

·         Glass cloth tapes sandwich

Colouring of cable Black, Yellow, Green