Seminar: QuantumX—Use the Maximum Flexibility of the Amplifier. Ensure Efficient Measurement and Testing.

Do you use the QuantumX data acquisition system? If so, this seminar is tailor-made for you — especially, if you are using QuantumX with third-party software programs, such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, or Diadem, or have specific requirements for your measurement. 

This one-day seminar covers the many possibilities that the system offers and explains how to use it. Particular emphasis will be placed on how to develop and implement smart system topologies (centralized, distributed) and how to configure the QuantumX modules using the integrated Assistant software.

Seminar content:

  • The QuantumX family at a glance: A short introduction of all the modules (including the signals that can be connected);
  • How the modules work together (topology, module connection);
  • Understand the internal design of an amplifier module;
  • Control the amplifier modules using the QuantumX Assistant software;
  • Implement a firmware update;
  • Correctly parameterize the channels: TEDS transducers or sensor database, set digital filters;
  • Acquire CAN signals;
  • Understand and use real-time functions;
  • Output measured or real-time signals: +/-10V, CAN, EtherCAT;
  • Isochronous data transfer; and
  • A brief digression: How to use QuantumX with a data acquisition software (20 minutes). 

Your HBM Academy Plus

Benefit from the manufacturer’s application expertise: Our experts look forward to answering all your questions during the seminar!

A practical seminar approach with a lot of "hands-on" training.

Target group: The QuantumX data acquisition system users, especially if they are using third-party software or facing specific measurement tasks.

Prior knowledge: None. 

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