Reliable and secure Dynamic Material Testing with HBM

In dynamic measurements within material testing you have to fully to rely on your measurement equipment to provide the correct results at the first attempt and there is no room for mistakes. These types of measurements can sometimes be a case of an extreme event and last only for a short period of time. Sometimes these tests are even not possible to repeat and you get one shot only to get it right. To learn more about the  fundamentals of dynamic measurements and what the key points for successful measurements really are we have put together a technical article for you below. Enjoy!


The HBM offer for Dynamic measurements

For dynamic material testing HBM offers:

  • Sensors
  • Strain Gauges
  • Data Acquisition Systems and transient recorders
  • Software for DAQ and analysis
  • Calibration and DAQ software programming services


The benefits of using HBM measurement equipment for dynamic measurements:

  • Flexible: With Genesis HighSpeed you get a data acquisition system, data recorder AND a transient recorder in one unit which you can use for several types of tests.
  • Reliable and secure: For the critical tests you can rely on HBM measurement equipment to get your data in a perfect and secure way: First time and every time.
  • Get perfectly matched components with sensors and DAQ system from HBM. We can also provide you with high class services such as calibration and software programming.

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Products related to this offer

Universal DAQ Card 500 kS/s (GN840B, GN1640B)
The universal DAQ card supports 9 different sensor types with 500 kS/s on every input channel and is perfectly suited for dynamic mechanical testing.
HBM is a supplier of a range of sensors & transducers. View our range of strain gauges and load cells here.
Strain Gauges
HBM strain gauges (stress gauges) for all strain measurement applications: Experimental stress analysis, durability testing, transducer manufacturing.

Destructive Testing (DT) with Genesis HighSpeed

Stress-strain tests

The challenge: Split hopkins bar test also known as Kolsky bar test for determining the xxx of bla bla...

The solution: Genesis HighSpeed together with strain gauges from HBM.

Crash tests

The challenge: Bla bla bla...

The solution: Genesis HighSpeed together with...

Impact tests

The challenge: Bla bla bla...

The solution: Genesis HighSpeed together with...

Tensile tests

The challenge: Bla bla bla...

The solution: Genesis HighSpeed together with...

More areas within Destructive Testing

Genesis HighSpeed can also be used for...

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) with Genesis HighSpeed

Ultrasonic testing

The challenge: Bla bla bla

The solution: Bla bla bla

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Split-Hopkinson Bar Material Tests
Split Hopkinson bar testing is a method in materials testing that enables material properties to be determined in dynamic conditions.
Experimental Stress Analysis Reference Book
Karl Hoffmann describes in this book, the fundamentals of strain gage measurement, from gage selection through analysis & evaluation of acquired data.
Shock, Vibration and Impact Testing
Genesis High Speed DAQ system provides absolute data security, plus an extremely high sample rate of up to 100 MS/s for shock, vibration and impact tests.

Dynamic Measurement results within seconds...

... without the risk of repeating expensive material tests.