Webinar: One Spring Element for all Cases – High Precision Torque Sensor for Flexible Measuring

Date and time:

  Friday, April 20th 2018     10:00 am (CET Berlin)

Do you want to learn more about high precision torque sensors for your application? Then look no further. In this webinar we will outline the benefits of using a high precision torque sensor for different testing tasks and show how to interpret the measured values.


HBM product manager Markus Haller, an expert in the field of torque measurements, will guide you through this 20-minute webinar:

  • Principle and advantages of high-precision torque sensors
  • Reduction of numbers of torque sensors for testing
  • Easy handling and interpretation of measuring values



This webinar is free of charge. After registration, we will send out an email with login-details and further information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us under webinar@hbm.com.

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High Precision Torque Sensor for all Tasks (20 April 2018)

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Markus Haller

Product Manager at HBM