Webinar: Strain Gauge based Precision Measurement Chains up to MN - Forces, MN∙m -Torques and GPa - Pressures

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This webinar has been recorded and was originally held on April 18th, 2018. Please login to access the recording.


The webinar provides a general introduction to strain-gauge based high precision measuring chains and helps at selecting the right reference transducers (force, torque and pressure).

HBM product manager Dr.- Ing. André Schäfer, an expert in the field of high-precision measurement chains, will guide you through this 30-minute webinar:

Precision transducers:

  • Brief introduction to the applications of the measurement of highest forces, torques and pressures
  • Force, torque and pressure transducers with highest accuracy
  • How to trace back these large quantities

Precision Bridge Amplifier:

  • DMP41, the world's most accurate amplifier for strain gauge measurements
  • QuantumX MX238B,  a 2-channel module with an accuracy class 25 ppm
  • Our present activities in the calibration field


Dr.- Ing. André Schäfer

Development Manager for High-Precision Measurement Chains at HBM