Seminar: Measuring Without Electromagnetic Interference

Do you see strange effects superimposed on your measurement signal? Presumably, this is electromagnetic interference.

We have developed a seminar specifically for measurement engineers where you can learn more about many potential interference effects and strategies for avoiding and shielding against them. Many factors have to be considered to suppress interference. Profound knowledge and, above all, some experience is required to be able to take the right measures. Benefit from the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by implementing interference suppression at our practical workstations.

Seminar content: 

  • Detecting interference sources and sinks
  • Galvanic coupling and system perturbations
  • Capacitive and inductive coupling
  • Radiant coupling
  • Shielding
  • Grounding concepts
  • Cable routing

Your HBM Academy Plus

Through the manual interference suppression on our models, you will gain initial experience in order to be able to better recognize and differentiate between interference influences later on.

Have we aroused your interest? Are there any questions left? Answers to some typical questions you will find here summarized as pdf or further down on this page!

Target group: Measurement engineers who perform measurements in environments with electromagnetic interference, e.g. industrial plants.

Prior knowledge: Basic electrical engineering skills. These can be acquired in our seminar on the “Basic principles of electrical engineering for non-electrical engineers”.

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HBM Academy
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64293 Darmstadt

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