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Somat eDAQ and Somat eDAQXR Data Acquisition Systems: Rugged and Optimized for Mobile Testing

The eDAQ and eDAQXR are the perfect tools when testing any number of applications, including agriculture, construction, mining, automotive, recreational vehicles, military and much more.

The eDAQ is a layered system consisting of a base processor that can support up to 8 signal conditioning layers. The layer options are defined below, and the signals can include CAN, bridge, temperature, pulse, voltage and more. The eDAQXR is an upgraded processor for the eDAQ signal conditioning layers, which includes a web interface as modern graphical user interface. With the upgrade you also have the ability to use the SomatXR expansion modules, creating a powerful centralized data acquisition system that can also have distributed modules.

Last Time Buy

Please note: Due to the huge success of our eDAQ product series in the last months, we have decided to extend the lifetime of the main components until further notice. This extended selling period allows you to fulfil your requirements for the next few years and continue testing with your equipment. Click here for more details.

Furthermore, we will continue to support you as we have done in the past years.

  • Calibration and technical support are offered at least until December 2030
  • Repair services and accessories will be offered based on availability of parts but at least until December 2025 – and possibly even 5 years longer

If you are not an existing eDAQ user, we recommend that you check out SomatXR, our new modular ruggedized DAQ series.

eDAQXR Processor (EXRCPU)

eDAQXR Processor (EXRCPU)

New processor with web interface and the ability to connect SomatXR as measurement satellites:

  • Memory options (SSD) up to 256GB
  • 3x CAN and 1x GPS ports
  • Supports up to 7 eDAQ signal conditioning layers (except ECOM)




eDAQ Processor (ECPU-PLUS-COM)

eDAQ Processor (ECPU-PLUS-COM)

Legacy processor supporting TCE

  • Memory options up to 256GB
  • 3x CAN and 1x GPS ports
  • Supports up to 8 eDAQ signal conditioning layers







eDAQ EHLS layer

16 channel high level analog layer

  • Analog inputs up to 74.9 V
  • Smart modules for strain gauge, thermocouple and CCLD / IEPE input
  • Analog outputs


eDAQ EBRG layer

16 channel bridge layer

  • Strain gauge (full, half and quarter bridge) inputs
  • 350 Ohm and 120 Ohm version available
  • Analog outputs


eDAQ EDIO layer

36 channel digital input / output layer

  • Inputs for pulse counters, quadrature encoders, vehicle bus and GPS (vehicle bus and GPS not supported with EXRCPU)
  • 24 channels for digital I/O, 12 channels for wide-range



eDAQ ENTB layer

eDAQ ENTB layer

32 channel non-isolated thermocouple layer

  • Thermocouple inputs type K, E, J or T
  • External cold junction box (universal or type specific) needed



When using the EXRCPU processor option, you can connect SomatXR modules as measuring satellites.

Go to SomatXR

GNSS receiver

GPS receiver (EGPS-5HZ) for positioning, speed and time data with internal antenna, max. 5 Hz update rate and M8 connection.




Somat 15-Volt Power Supply

The Somat E-AC/15 Power Supply (1-E-AC/15-2) is designed to provide 15 volts DC from a standard 120-volt AC input to a SoMat eDAQ or eDAQlite system.






IEPE-Type Conditioning Module

IEPE-Type Conditioning Module

Smart module to connect IEPE/CCLD based sensors to HLS layers.




Strain Conditioning Module

Strain Conditioning Module

Smart module to connect full, half and quarter bridges to HLS layers.


Strain SMART Module – 350 Ohm Completion


Strain SMART Module – 120 Ohm Completion



Thermocouple Conditioning Module

Thermocouple Conditioning Module

Smart module to connect thermocouples to HLS layers.




Further Accessories

  • Power supply cables and replacement batteries
  • Sensor, system and extension cables
  • Break-out and cold junction boxes
  • Cases and tools




Overview on the eDAQXR hardware


Overview on the eDAQXR software


Converting your eDAQ to the eDAQXR


eDAQXR Networking Systems

Product Literature

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Data Sheets
EBRG - Data Sheet English
ECOM - Data Sheet English
ECPU-PLUS - Data Sheet English
EDIO - Data Sheet English
EHLS - Data Sheet English
EITB - Data Sheet English
ENTB - Data Sheet English
EXRCPU – Data Sheet English
EXRCPU compatible layers and accessories English
Operating Manuals
eDAQ – User Manual English
eDAQXR / eDAQXR-lite - User Manual English
http control interface – User Manual English
sie and libsie – User Manual English
Quick Start Guides
Axis Network Camera Devices - Quick Start Guide English
eDAQXR - Quick Start Guide English
CASEMOUNT-XR - Data Sheet English
E-AC/15 – Data Sheet English
Strain Smart Module SMSTRB – Data Sheet English
Safety Instructions
eDAQ / Somat eDAQ-lite - Safety Instructions English
eDAQXR - Safety Instructions English, German
Declaration of Conformity
eDAQ - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
eDAQ / eDAQ-lite Firmware Package

Date: 02/2017  |  Version: 3.24.A.658  |  Size: 26 MB

eDAQXR Firmware Package

Designed to work with supported MX modules using MX firmware

Date: 12/2019  |  Version: 2.12.0  |  Size: 88 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

XR Emulator eDAQXR

The XR Emulator is a stand alone Windows application which enables emulation of a eDAQXR web interface environment without actual hardware. The primary purpose of this tool is for offline test setup configuration using virtual hardware which you specify. The associated setup files from the emulator can then be imported into a real eDAQXR to be used in real production environment testing.

Date: 02/2024  |  Version:  |  Size: 47 MB

Somat eDAQ Connect

The Somat eDAQ Connect Android Application provides a basic command and control interface for the eDAQ, as well as live status information and live data displays. The app runs on Android OS platform version 4.0 or never.

Date: 03/2016  |  Version: 1.3  |  Size: 6 MB

Somat InField

This is the latest and final version of Infield. Please note that previous versions of Infield are in the Download Archive below. Please check the version of Infield that your license is authorized for. If you download and install a newer version than your license is valid for your license will not work. Infield will only open as a basic viewer with none of the advanced features you may have purchased. If you do not know your authorized version please contact [email protected].

Date: 05/2012  |  Version: 2.5.1  |  Size: 29 MB

Somat TCE

This firmware version is not compatible with an eDAQ Classic ECPU Processor.

Date: 02/2017  |  Version:  |  Size: 5 MB

Tech Notes
eDAQXR / eDAQXR-lite - External Fuse Usage English