Tips & Tricks for EVIDAS Data Acquisition Software

Learn more about HBM's new data acquisition software EVIDAS with informative tutorials, white papers, videos and webinars


My first measurement


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use EVIDAS DAQ software for your measurement.

Triggered measurement


This tutorial shows you how to set up a triggered measurement.

Review of previous recordings


This video explains how you can visualize the review data and live data together.

White Papers

What Are the Potentials of the Cloud for Future Measurement Technology?

Sensor. Amplifier. Software. This is the “traditional” measurement chain, as used for decades in testing and inspection projects, and production and infrastructure monitoring. However, this measurement chain is now changing because of cloud technology. What advantages does cloud technology offer the user? Where can we expect the greatest leaps ahead in terms of efficiency and innovation? And moreover, what are the risks of using this new technology?

The Benefits of EVIDAS Essential


Fast results

  • Comfortable and fast channel configuration:
    • Chart based (as fast as Excel®)
    • TEDS (Plug & Play)
    • Sensor data base (systematically)
  • Data acquisition with HBM DAQ systems
  • Data storage in all common data formats

Visualization and live analysis

  • Live visualization of measured data (y(t), numeric display, and tables)
  • Visualization of data from previous recordings (also during the measurement)
  • Live data analysis with mathematical functions
  • Statistics

Outstanding usability

  • Visual feedback on user actions
  • Individual channel configuration dialog

Interface to the Cloud

  • Includes HBM Cloud-Storage with 5 GB space
  • Access data from everywhere in the world
  • Share data with colleagues


HBM webinars are the perfect source to expand your knowledge - they take only about 30 minutes. Here you will find the webinar about EVIDAS DAQ software. Sign in and enjoy free access to all HBM webinars.

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