Clipx Signal Conditioner with Integrated OPC-UA Server Clipx Signal Conditioner with Integrated OPC-UA Server | HBM

ClipX Signal Conditioner Provides an Integrated OPC UA Server and Connection to the Cloud

HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) presents its first signal conditioner of the ClipX series with an integrated OPC UA server.  It uses M2M communication to enable direct sensor data transmission to a cloud for analysis.

Analyzing mechanical measurement quantities such as force, torque, pressure, temperature, etc. is indispensable in industrial process control and factory automation. The ClipX single-channel amplifier acquires these signals with a high resolution and accuracy, to provide control and quality assurance in machinery and systems. Furthermore, it offers valuable diagnostic and error data regarding the status of the measurement chain.

Owing to its integration into the IEEE standard, the OPC UA protocol has become the new standard for industrial applications as well. Its strengths lie in its clear semantics and capability to enable transmission through known and existing Ethernet connections.

OPC UA Benefits

  • Effortless integration of field components as well as measurement and control systems
  • Easy connection to a cloud and availability of analysis functions to control materials and services
  • Establishment of new business models, for instance, through apps and services for customers

The signal conditioners with OPC UA of the ClipX series can be used in new systems as well as for retrofitting. Up to six ClipX modules can be interconnected and synchronized in a measuring amplifier system, thus making an important contribution towards the goal of the digital factory.

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