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G and M Series Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers: For High-Temperature Applications

Our constantan and Modco measuring grids in combination with a fiber-reinforced phenolic-resin carrier are well-suited for use in high-temperature applications (over 140 °C).

The G series combines a constantan measuring grid with this carrier material and comes standard with connection leads. It is available in small quantities and can also be supplied in larger packaging units if required. The M series is a high-performance addition to HBM’s range of strain gauges for transducer manufacturers. The combination of a Modco measuring grid and a high-temperature carrier ensures maximum fatigue strength also at high temperatures. Please note that the M series for transducer manufacturers is only available in custom designs.

Heat-resistant and robust

  • Outstanding heat resistance
  • High resistance to heat deflection
  • High galvanic insulation

Long service life, especially at high temperatures.

Precise and sturdy

  • Very high stiffness (modulus of elasticity) and, thus, capable of transferring the measuring body’s deformation directly to the measuring grid

  • Low creep tendency

Suitable for transducers with high accuracy requirements.

Adjustable to your needs

  • Several standard versions are available in small minimum order quantities
  • Optionally pre-coated with adhesive, no additional adhesive required
  • Custom designs possible

Perfect for your solution, regardless of whether it is standard or custom.

G and M Series Comparison


G Series

M Series

Measuring grid foil



Carrier material

Phenolic resin
(glass-fiber reinforced)

Phenolic resin
(glass-fiber reinforced)

Gauge factor

Approx. 2Approx. 2.2

Operating temperature range (static)

-70 to +200°C
-94 to +392 °F

-200 to +250°C
-328 to +482 °F

Operating temperature range (dynamic)

-200 to +200°C
-328 to +392 °F
-200 to +300°C
-328 to +572 °F

Resistance tolerance

±0.35 %

±0.3 %
±0.35 % with leads

Fatigue strength

±1.200 µm/m

±2.000 µm/m

Minimum radius of curvature

3 mm

5 mm


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