Power Analysis by HBM: The Complete Test System for Electrical Inverters and Electrical Machines

HBM provides a dynamic power analysis solution that records raw data, utilizes the full bandwidth of HBM's torque sensors, and allows users to view their signals without the need for a power analyzer or an oscilloscope. The eDrive system can be expanded to fit your needs with as many as 51 electrical power measurements and 6 mechanical power measurements, making it the perfect fit for both simple and complex drivetrains.

The Complete Measurement Chain – Provided by a Single Source: From Data Acquisition and Sensors to the Software

Acquisition Control and Visualization

Analyze the efficiency of your powertrain and understand the control calibration with Perception, the high-speed software for the fast analysis of a large number of complex systems.

  • Simple configuration
  • Live view of inverter and control data
  • Post process review of all data for validation

Data Acquisition and Integration

HBM's "eDrive" system is a combination of a dynamic power analyzer and a data recorder. It gives extremely accurate power measurements even under dynamic conditions while also recording all the raw data for traceability and post process analysis. In addition to voltages and currents, the eDrive can obtain all mechanical quantities such as torque, speed, acceleration, temperature, strain, and CAN bus.

  • Continuous storage of high speed data
  • Expandable according to user demand
  • High accuracy and correlation of electrical and mechanical data

Torque Sensors and Current Transducers

Equipped with our class-leading current transducers and torque transducers, your measurement chain will be complete for ongoing measurements of electric drives. HBM also has a full range of strain gauges and strain-based sensors for rising above the level of the standard powertrain.

  • Highest precison sensors by HBM
  • Class-leading torque accuracy (.02%) and bandwidth (6kHz)
  • Seamless integration of sensors and data acquisition modules

What Our Customers Say About Us

This client from a large automotive OEM has procured Genesis HighSpeed DAQs directly from HBM and has specified in their key requirement document for test rigs that HBM products must be integrated by the system integrator.

“HBM is currently the best in the market … they also have good visibility of how technology is changing and are proactive in guiding us on where we need to be …”

Going the Extra Mile: Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you with all issues pertaining to test and measurement applications:

Power Analysis Knowledge Base: Tips and Tricks for Excelling in Power Analysis

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Hands-On Training: Seminars by the HBM Academy for Your eMobility Application

Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering
This basic seminar is the ideal springboard for a better understanding of electronics as the basis of measurement technology.
HBM eDrive Testing Product Training
This training allows you to take full advantage of the HBM eDrive Testing system: For highly efficient power measurement and data acquisition.
Measuring Torque Correctly
Then this seminar will give you a thorough introduction on torque measurement; with lots of practical tips and tricks from our experienced trainers.

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