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“Pre-tinned” Option: Transducer Strain Gauges with Pre-tinned Solder Tabs

All HBM’s strain gauges for transducer manufacturers are available with the “pre-tinned” option. These strain gauges come with pre-tinned solder pads. This feature considerably facilitates further process steps since it eliminates the need to remove the oxide layer and clean the solder tab. As a result, soldering the stranded wire becomes more efficient and less error prone. Furthermore, the “pre-tinned” option opens the possibility of automated soldering.



  • Removing the oxide layer is not necessary
  • Cleaning of the solder tabs is not required
  • The stranded wire can be soldered directly onto the tab

Save time and material




  • Always the ideal amount of tin on the solder tab
  • The solder tab is not mechanically processed
  • Automated soldering is possible

Your transducers offer more consistent and enhanced quality



  • Solder flows more easily onto the solder tab
  • Material savings: no eraser pencil required for removing the oxide layer
  • No solvent needed for cleaning

Save on your material and storage costs and avoid contact with chemicals

How to easily connect the strain gauge to the stranded wire



This step by step video shows you how to solder a stranded connection wire to a strain gauge with the “pre-tinned” option. The steps include:

  • Applying additional solder to the tab, if necessary
  • Pre-tinning the stranded wire
  • Soldering the stranded wire onto the tab 

Save time by using the “pre-tinned” option


Check out this video for a direct comparison: the left part of the screen shows how a conventional strain gauge is connected to stranded wires. The right part of the screen shows a strain gauge connection using  the “pre-tinned” option.


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