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Seminar: eDrive Testing Solution for Optimized Testing of Electric Drives

  One Day Seminar      Various Locations      Level: Starter

Take advantage of the full functionality of the HBM eDrive Testing system for power analysis and measurement, data acquisition and analysis on electric drives and inverters. This seminar puts you in a position to use the system quickly and safely in all its applications.

Seminar content:

  • Components of the HBM eDrive Testing System (hardware, software)
  • Create a test bench setup
  • Basics of power calculation based on cycle detection
  • Implementation of the performance calculation via the Perception Formula Database system integration
  • Individual questions


Your HBM Academy Plus

During the seminar we integrate - quite practically - a sample test bench into the software. Thus, you already have a first practical experience for the further development of your individual test application.


Target group:
Users of HBM eDrive Testing

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