Structural Durability by HBM: The Complete Test System for Structural Testing of Stress and Fatigue

Electric mobility will drive a new era of durability testing. New material concepts and structural approaches will be necessary to fulfill the demand for range, energy, and cost efficiency.

Hybrid materials will combine characteristics of today’s alloys, composites, and others, eventually generating features that might seem contradictory today, e.g., low viscosity and high-tensile metal matrix structure in a single material. Morphing materials will help create adaptive structures on a microscopic as well as macroscopic scale. Inspired by the endless creativity of nature, new levels of stiffness, aerodynamics, and so on will be accomplished.

Additive manufacturing is changing the mindset of a whole generation of engineers from "function follows form" to "form follows function." Equal or superior performance is achieved with only a fraction of the material input otherwise required. The complex and highly anisotropic composition of these materials and structures as well as the new manufacturing methods will require extensive simulation and testing to ensure durability.

Make sure to choose the best partner to help your engineers face these challenges, starting with the acquisition of real load data to serve as input for your test. Transfer these insights to the first prototype by choosing the right strain gauges and data acquisition hardware and software in order to acquire solid data. This is HBM's DNA.

The Complete Measurement Chain—Provided by a Single Source: From Sensors to Data Acquisition and Analysis

Software and Analytics

Software is the key in determining what to measure and how to interpret the results.

  • High usability for local operation on the field, ensuring full concentration on the right load data and fast data acquisition in the real test
  • Easy and fast parameterization of all measurement channels
  • One click to check all measurement channels for correct wiring and functionality
  • Numerous online calculation and evaluation features for live data validation

catman AP is the tool to make your daily job as simple as possible.


Data Acquisition and Integration

When pushing materials and structures to the limit the extra digits matter. Best-in-class DAQ electronics guarantee data you can trust:

Sensors and Transducers

Different materials and test setups require a wide variety of strain gauges to always have the perfect match for the task.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Our innovative wind power systems promote the clean energy revolution. To achieve this, we need partners that join us in breaking new ground. The HBM experts enable us to get optimal results from our tests. They have always assisted us quickly in our projects worldwide, due to their global presence.”

– Martin Bode, Senior Chief Engineer at aerodyn engineering

Going the Extra Mile: Supplementary Service and Support

Our service and support team will assist you with all issues pertaining to test and measurement applications:

Structural Durability Knowledge Base: Tips and Tricks for Excelling in Structural Durability

Structural Health Monitoring
The monitoring of structures helps detect changes to avoid damages and to save money. HBM offers an intelligent and modular solution for every application!
Flexible Solutions for Aircraft Structural Testing
Before the aircraft takes off for the first time, it is tested in the stand. HBM offers scalable measurement solutions from sensor to software.
Condition monitoring of wind turbines
HBM has available Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) for critical components of offshore wind turbines.
Complex Helicopter Testing with HBM
Because of it's complexity, helicopter testing demands customizable and efficient measurement systems. See how Sirkosky trusts HBM to answer their needs.

Hands-On Training: Seminars by the HBM Academy for Your eMobility Application

Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering
This basic seminar is the ideal springboard for a better understanding of electronics as the basis of measurement technology.
Experimental Verification of FEM Models
This seminar provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for a confident experimental verification of FEM models.
HBM eDrive Testing Product Training
This training allows you to take full advantage of the HBM eDrive Testing system: For highly efficient power measurement and data acquisition.
Measuring Torque Correctly
Then this seminar will give you a thorough introduction on torque measurement; with lots of practical tips and tricks from our experienced trainers.

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We love solving difficult challenges. If you are struggling and need help, do not hesitate to contact us for a nonbinding discussion about your measurement task.

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