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C11 Subminiature Load Cell: Extremely Compact Dimensions and an Outstanding Temperature Range

The load cell design is based on the robust membrane principle. Due to its high stiffness, the C11 can be used for fast force measurements; the strain gauge principle also allows static measurements. Despite its minimal dimensions, the sensor has good accuracy. The button load cell casing is made of stainless steel to allow for industrial use. The C11 is designed as a Faraday cage; cable shield and sensor housing are galvanically connected. This guarantees interference-free measurements even under unfavorable EMC conditions. It also offers an outstanding temperature range from -20 to +120 °C.
The load is applied at the top by a spherical load button, which facilitates a central force application.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.5
  • Capacities: 50 N to 2 kN

This product is offered in partnership with Kyowa Electronic Instruments.

Extremely small

  • Height: 4 mm (50 to 200 N) or 7 mm (≥ 500 N)
  • Diameter: 10 mm or 16 mm
  • Small displacements – extremely high natural frequencies

Minimal dimensions allow force measurements almost anywhere; the load cell is suitable for fast measurements.


  • Stainless steel materials
  • EMC tested
  • Temperature range: -20... +120 °C

Reliable force measurements for industrial environments, even at high temperatures.

Static and dynamic measurements

  • Strain-gauge measuring principle
  • Virtually no drift allows its use in monitoring tasks

Perfectly suitable for static and dynamic force measurement.

3D CAD step files for C11 Ultra-miniature Button Load Cell

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C11 CAD step files

C11 Product Literature

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C11 - Caractéristiques techniques French
C11 - Data Sheet English
C11 - Datenblatt German
Kräfte sicher messen - Broschüre German
Reliable force measurement - Brochure English
Operating Manuals
C11 - User Manual English, German, French
Declaration of Conformity
C11 - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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