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High Quality – Quality Control in Production Made Easy

One hundred percent quality assurance has become a routine task that requires completion by suppliers in the automotive industry and in other areas of testing and measuring in production as well. Process controllers and control units are equipped with ever more extensive and smart functions to meet production requirements. This approach was introduced for safety-relevant components many years ago. Today, traceability is indispensable for ensuring compliance with the DIN ISO 9001 standard.

The trend: Centralized process visualization

With fieldbus systems becoming increasingly popular, the continually increasing demands on production speed, and the changing constraints on automation, measuring and analysis systems are required to provide new capabilities.

For instance, there is a trend toward accommodating the entire automation equipment in a control cabinet to enable the visualization of processes to be centrally performed on a control unit. The MP85A and MP85DP amplifier modules are ideal for these applications since they provide powerful algorithms that enable 2-channel processes such as force vs. displacement curves during press-fitting to be analyzed and allow the results to be conveniently visualized.

Flexible choice of transducers

Supplied in a compact housing for industrial use, the MP85A still provides a high degree of innovation. This starts with the signal conditioning itself, since the amplifier can be connected to a wide range of sensors using simple software commands; no special connector modules are required. A 4.8-kHz carrier-frequency amplifier, unaffected by interference, enables the strain-gauge and inductive transducers to be connected. Furthermore, active transmitters with a ±10-V output, SSI sensors, and incremental encoders can be used to acquire the signals.

Regardless of the type of transmitter, a fast ADC with a high resolution is used to synchronously and parallelly condition, digitally filter, and make available the scaled signals to the system. The signal bandwidth can be up to 1 kHz.

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