Measuring Torque Correctly

  Two-Day Seminar     Various Locations      Level: Advanced

Torque is the most challenging of all mechanical measurands because it is composed of two basic mechanical quantities. Furthermore, a torque sensor usually measures while rotating, which places high demands on the mounting.

Users therefore require a high level of knowledge and experience in theory and practice, which they can acquire at this seminar. 

Topics include: 

  • Selecting a suitable torque transducer for your application
  • How to read and interpret a data sheet
  • Measurement principles and operating principle of torque transducers
  • Theory and practice of installing torque transducers
  • Parameterization of measuring chains
  • Comparison of different calibration processes
  • The effect of parasitic loads
  • Amplifying and conditioning torque and rotational speed signals
  • Estimating measurement uncertainty and taking it into consideration in your measurements
  • Tips for error analysis

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Seminar: Measuring Torque Correctly

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