PW27A: Hygienic Weighing up to 20 kg PW27A: Hygienic Weighing up to 20 kg | HBM

PW27A: For Hygienic Weighing up to 20 kg

With load cells of the PW27A product series, companies producing and filling food products are well prepared to face all future challenges: Designed for low capacities ranging from 0 to 10kg and 0 to 20kg, the load cells comply with the strict EHEDG specifications and are therefore ideally suited for filling, packing, and weighing beverages and other food products.

Due to the special design of the stainless-steel measuring body in conjunction with the solid stainless-steel pipe housing, the PW27A load cells are hermetically sealed and extremely robust (IP68/IP69K degree of protection). This allows quick and thorough cleaning, even with high-pressure washers. Owing to their integrated and encapsulated overload protection—up to ten times their maximum capacity—the PW27A load cells’ functionality remains unchanged even if someone accidentally steps on them (e.g. when cleaning the machine).

A PW27AP version of the load cell—providing a connector for even faster integration—is also available.

  • Accuracy class: C3 multi-range
  • Maximum capacities: 0–10 kg and 0–20 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP68/IP69K

Developed for Food

  • OIML-certified accuracy (C3MR)
  • Easy and residue-free cleaning: “Clean in Place“ (CiP)
  • IP68/IP69K
  • Maximum capacities ranging from 0 to 10 kg and 0 to 20 k

Meets all requirements for food processing and filling; maximum capacity ranges ideal for common package sizes


  • Dirt-repellent design without gaps or edges
  • Completely made of stainless steel and therefore suitable for use in the food industry
  • Special surface quality
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Antibacterial cable

Easy to clean: Liquids roll right off; easy and residue-free cleaning


  • High chemical resistance through the use of robust materials
  • Suitable for humid and aggressive environments
  • Patented overload protection – spotless and aseptic at any time
  • Tried and tested, even in extremely harsh environment

Durable and rugged, even in harsh environments

Two Versions Available

Two versions of the specialized sensors are available: the standard version (PW27A) and a version fitted with a plug (M12) for variable connection of different cables (PW27AP). This allows quick assembly and easy replacement.

Connection to the Digital World

With the aid of the DSE weighing electronics or the PAD digital transducer electronics, the measured values of the PWA7A or PW27AP can be quickly and easily visualized, configured and communicated to a connected PLC. The compact, rounded stainless-steel enclosure protects the electronics from liquids and adverse environmental conditions. The DSE-HIE is recommended for use in applications with stringent hygiene standards.

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