Online-Seminar: General Principles of Data Acquisition and Best Practices

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There are many challenges to setting up an accurate and reliable data acquisition measurement. This seminar will examine every aspect of the measurement process and discuss best practices.

  • Learn how to select the proper sampling rate based on your input signal

  • Learn how to avoid aliasing

  • Learn the different types of low-pass filters and how to select one matched to your application

  • Become familiar with the operation of a digital amplifier

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a carrier frequency excitation

  • Understand the influence of cables and signal noise

Seminar Content

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Also, in our online seminars you can expect a balanced mix with theory and a lot of practical examples. In the theoretical part you will acquire the necessary knowledge. And, in many demonstration experiments, as well as in exchange with the trainer and the group you will consolidate what you have learned. Discussions are appreciated!

Target group:

All those who want to understand data acquisition more.

Prior knowledge:

Basic familiarity with data acquisition measurment systems.

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Seminar times:

Begin: 12:00 pm CT / 01:00 pm ET 

End: 03:00 pm CT /  04:00 pm ET 

Duration: 3 consecutive days for 3 hour sections

(with a scheduled break in between!)

Price: $825 USD 

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