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Input Card For High-Accuracy Power Measurements in Electric Drives and Electrical Grids – GN310B, GN311B

The power analyzer card offers three power channels, each one consisting of one voltage input and one current (or voltage) input. The card also offers 2 digital channels for torque and speed measurements.
It is specially designed for efficiency measurements in inverter-driven electric drive systems and all tests in grid-connected systems or the grid itself with 5 voltage ranges of up to ± 1500 V DC and 7 current ranges of up to ± 2 A.

The power analyzer card also offers the best-in-class power accuracy of 0.015% of reading + 0.02% of range.


Highest Performance

  • Power accuracy 0.015%+0.02%
  • Torque/speed accuracy 0.005%
  • Built-in burden resistors
  • +/- 1500 V DC input
  • 1000 V CAT IV protection
  • Digital cycle detection for dynamic measurements

Highest Performance - best in class accuracy

Extensive Analysis

  • RMS, Fundamental, P, S, Q, cosPhi, Lambda, Losses, efficiencies, harmonics, space vector, dq0 transformation,…
  • Simultaneous fundamental and full bandwidth analysis
  • Multiple fundamental frequencies
  • Simultaneous dynamic and averaged torque and speed for torque ripple analysis

Extensive Analysis – even in dynamic load changes

….and more

  • User formulas for specific calculation
  • Real-time raw data storage in mainframe
  • 5 kV probe for marine/rail/aerospace applications
  • The card comes with extensive power calibration protocol

High-end features – for drive calibration and optimization

The power analyzer card will suit your requirements, high speed data like a scope and real time power measurements like a power analyzer:

  • GN310B: 18-bit resolution, 2 MS/s
  • GN311B: 18-bit resolution, 200 kS/s

Multiple cards can be combined in a mainframe to adapt the power analyzer to your specific needs, thus, the mainframe can also be equipped with other input cards to allow simultaneous measurements of further data like CAN bus, temperature or NVH.

The Genesis HighSpeed mainframes allow storage of all raw data at the full sample rate and in real time, without any memory limitations or delays in downloading. Stored data can be re-analyzed using the Perception ePower software suite or transferred to other software like MATLAB. All calculated results can be transferred to automation systems in real time using mainframe options like EtherCAT, CAN or a software API.

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Data Sheets
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - Caractéristiques techniques French
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - Data Sheet English
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - Datenblatt German
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - Hoja de características Spanish
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - Prospetto dati Italian
3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - 데이터 시트 Korean
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3PH-STR-1K0-CAT2 - 數據表 Chinese
GEN series GN310/GN311B - Caractéristiques technique French
GEN series GN310/GN311B - Datenblatt German
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GEN series GN310/GN311B - Prospetto dati Italian
GEN series GN310/GN311B - 데이터 시트 Korean
GEN series GN310/GN311B - データシート Japanese
GEN series GN310/GN311B - 数据表 Chinese
GEN series GN310B/GN311B - Data Sheet English
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KAB2139 - Datenblatt German
KAB2139 - Hoja de características Spanish
KAB2139 - Prospetto dati Italian
KAB2139 - 데이터 시트 Korean
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KAB2140 - Data Sheet English
KAB2148 - Caractéristiques techniques French
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KAB2148 - Hoja de características Spanish
KAB2148 - Prospetto dati Italian
KAB2148 - 데이터 시트 Korean
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KAB2148 - 數據表 Chinese
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Quick Start Guides
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Declaration of Conformity
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