Meet the Experts - Webinars and Training Sessions on Electric Power Testing

Join our experts for short 15-30 minute presentations on electric power topics: from powertrain testing, to torque ripple and measurement uncertainty. The webinars are filled with tips and tricks and allow for an interactive feedback session.

Live Webinars

15-Minute Lunch & Learn: Electric Power Testing

  Live and on-demand sessions    

Grab a cup of coffee, turn on the volume, and join our experts during one of our 15 minute online lunch & learn meetings! Sign up for free to three interesting topics on electric power testing.

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Measuring Power Losses in Electric Motors and Inverters

  On-demand session

In this webinar, we will review the basic sources of losses in electric machines and how to measure them.

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On-Demand Webinars

Online & Offline Seminars on Electric Power Testing

HBM eDrive Testing Product Training

This training allows you to take full advantage of the HBM eDrive Testing system: For highly efficient power measurement and data acquisition.

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Electric Motors and Drives Testing

eMobility seminar will provide you with practical tips and answers to your questions on measuring and optimizing in the electric powertrain.

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Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering

Especially for measurement engineers: The well-founded training for avoiding and shielding electromagnetic interference during measurement.

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Custom Electric Power Workshops

Are you looking for a workshop on electric power testing tailored to your company's needs? Then let our experience work for you! Together we can chart out a content framework, determine the needs and expectations of your employees, and create a workshop tailor-made for you.

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