Online Seminar:Experimental Stress Analysis for Component Assessment


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This seminar provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for a confident experimental stress analysis, which can be used for verification of FEM models. This Master Course (Course 3) in compliance with VDI/VDE/GESA 2636 ideally complements Course 1 (The Basics of Strain Gauge Installation and Strain Gauge Measurement Technology) and Course 2 (Measuring with strain gauges—planning, connecting and analyzing) in this series. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Fundamentals of experimental stress analysis

Multi-axil  stress states and material strenght

Strength evaluation with time-dependent loading

• Systematics of stress states

• Stress-strain ratio

• General Hooke's Law

• Mohr's cycle

• Calculating principal-strain and principal-stress values

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

• Equivalent stresses and damage hypotheses

• How to handle residual stress?

• Anisotropic materials

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

• S-N curve, short term, static, and endurance strength

• Classifying strain data

• Determining total damage

• Durability/fatigue life prediction

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Comprehensive training ranging from strain measurement through stress determination to component assessment.

Target group:

Engineers who evaluate strain measurements.

Prior knowledge:

Course 3 is a follow-up to Course 2 (Measuring with strain gauges - planning, connecting and analyzing), and therefore, completion of Course 2 is a general prerequisite. Course 1 provides the basics of strain-gauge installation and strain-gauge measurement technology. Knowledge of technical mechanics, acquired in university or through qualified further education programs, is a further prerequisite.

Available Dates

Start and End Time:
08:30 – 12:00 New York (ET)
14:30 – 18:00 Berlin (CET/CEST)


on 3 consecutive days / 3,5 hours parts
(with a scheduled break in between!)

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