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Online-Seminar: Electric motor fundamentals, understanding your drive!


 3 hours online training (4x)


  from your PC


  Level: Advanced


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In this seminar you will get a broad overview over the fundamental principles of different electrical machines and inverters. We will show you detailed measurements, that will help you understanding your drive line. Finally, after analyzing the measurements in the seminar, you will be able to even optimize your system.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

• Welcome and introduction to the seminar program

• DC motors

• Synchronous machine

• Asynchronous machine

• Losses in electrical motors

• Practical training Measurement on an inverter driven Permanent Magnet Motor

• Practical training Perfom a motor mapping

• Inverter

• Space-vectors in an electrical driven line

• Practical training Perform a DQ0 transformation

• Harmonics

• FFT / Analyze harmonics in Perception

• Further exercises in Perception real time and post process formula data base

• Summary and outlook

Your HBK-Academy Plus:

Classical teaching will be mixed with practical exercises. Together with your Trainer you will work out setups and formulas for different analyses.

Target Group:

Everyone who wants to refresh or deepen their knowledge on electrical machines. User of the Perception ePower Suite, who want to do more than just measure.

Prior knowledge:

Participating an eDrive Seminar in advance is recommended

Principle knowledge electrical engineering are necessary.


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Available seminar data (please note: this is a seminar for which we charge a fee!)

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Start and End Time:
08:30 - 12:00 New York (ET)
14:30 - 18:00 Berlin (CET/CEST)


4 consecutive days / 3,5 hours parts
(with a scheduled break in between!)

price: 1059 EUR exclusive VAT // $ 1,344 USD



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