Innovative Monitoring: Measuring Strain in Big Bolts and Monitoring of Nasty Cracks

Date & Time

 Thursday, January 21, 2021


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The relationship between torque and tension is often tricky to understand, and many (often unsatisfactory) methods exist for attempting to measure it in large bolted joints, particularly in harsh environments.

This session explains how you can monitor big bolts accurately, remotely, and to a proven accuracy, using technology from HBK’s Engineering Services team. We also look at remote monitoring of cracks using both conventional strain gauges and other innovative sensors from HBK.

These subjects are ideal for those with an interest in structural health monitoring (SHM) of assets such as offshore wind turbine generators, towers, tunnels, bridges and other structures, either for design validation purposes, structural health monitoring, or trouble shooting and monitoring of older structures.

There’ll be no sales guff, just interesting and informative content, and we look forward to you joining us online for this webinar.

Richard Sargeant

HBK Business Development Manager


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