T40CB: High-speed Torque Sensor with Central Bore Hole T40CB: High-speed Torque Sensor with Central Bore Hole | HBM

T40CB: Extremely Short Torque Transducer for High Speeds with Central Bore

The T40CB is characterized by its very compact and extremely short design. It is available in two versions.

Variant with a central bore of 37.5mm and a length of 49mm. This extremely short and compact version offers the greatest flexibility from a mounting point of view, since the transducer can be installed with either threaded or stud bolt mounting.

Variant with a central bore of 46.5mm and a length of 54mm. This transducer offers a large central bore diameter with comparatively short overall length. Due to the large central bore, the transducer can be installed exclusively with threaded assembly.

Depending on the test concepts, it may be necessary or advantageous, e.g., to lead lubricant or coolant lines directly through the torque transducer. Furthermore, when testing coaxial gears, it is often necessary to pass a shaft through the transducer.

The proven T40 electronics provide the usual high precision.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.05
  • Speed: up to 30,000 rpm
  • Nominal torque: 500 Nm (other measuring ranges on request)


  • Excellent linearity including hysteresis of only 0.03%

  • High accuracy and stability due to its radiometric method of measurement

Powerful torque transducer especially for high speed applications where a central bore is required.


  • Proven T40 Electronic
  • High resistance to rotational acceleration and vibration
  • Digital transmission method, including error detection, ensures interference-proof data transmission without loss of accuracy

Reliable measurement data and robustness even under difficult high-speed ambient conditions.


  • Central bore 37.5mm, thread and stud bolt mounting
  • Central bore 46.5mm, thread mounting
  • Analog and digital interfaces for easy integration into different test bench systems
  • Nominal torque: 500 Nm (other measuring ranges on request)

Maximum flexibility and user-friendliness necessary for carrying out application tests on automotive parts, such as coaxial transmissions or gearboxes.

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