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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Single Point Load Cell?

Due to their design and inherent off-centre load compensation, only one single point load cell is required for the construction of an accurate, platform-based weighing system. They are also rugged, reliable, and reasonably priced, which makes them a popular choice for various applications ranging from delicate letter scales to large industrial scales. These benefits are mirrored in their variety – the HBK portfolio currently consists of around 20 different types of analog single point load cell. To help you make an informed and sensible choice, we have compiled a handy selection guide. 

Finding the Right Single Point Load Cell Does Not Have to Be Complicated

Asking a few simple questions based on the demands on the load cell will help you identify the best possible fit:

  1. What capacity is required?
  2. What platform size is needed?
  3. Static or dynamic weighing?
  4. How demanding is the weighing environment?
  5. What accuracy is required?
  6. Does the load cell have to fulfill special demands such as overload protection, hygienic design, or explosion protection?

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Single Point Load Cells Buyer's Guide

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