Focus on your application: HBM's Sales Team in Germany

Organized in highly specialized application teams, our sales engineers will help you achieve even faster results in your measurement projects.

The trend is clear: your technology projects are becoming increasingly specialized. This also requires an accurate knowledge of the particular requirements of your application. This is our task! The HBM sales engineers in Germany and Switzerland organize themselves in 4 application teams with specialized application knowledge.
Optimal advice for your questions We speak your language - and know your special challenges in your industry Together with you, we develop efficiency potential when using your measuring instruments. 

  • Optimal advice for your questions
  • We speak your language - and know your particular challenges in your industry
  • Together with you, we develop efficiency potentials when using your measuring technology. 

Test & Measurement

Automotive Applications

Industrial Process Control

Weighing Technology & OEM Sensors

Measurement solutions for experiment, research and development


Measurement solutions for the special needs of the automotive industry, and their suppliers
Measurement solutions for the monitoring of manufacturing, assembly and testing processes
Components and solutions for static and dynamic weighing applications, OEM Sensors

Sales Team Manager:

  • Bernd Osenberg

Sales Team Manager:

  • Michael Pape

Sales Team Manager: 

  • Hermann Merz

Sales Team Manager:

  • Hermann Merz

Field Sales Engineers: 

  • Hans-Jürgen Fetsch
  • Burkhard Strauß
  • Christoph Brand
  • Stephan Nave
  • Sebastian Schimmack

Field Sales Engineers: 

  • Dietmar Braun
  • Klaus Meier
  • Markus Ambrosch

Field Sales Engineers:

  • Heiko Kreeter
  • Wolfgang Piehl
  • Christoph Miks

Field Sales Engineers:

  • Gunther Kretzschmar
  • Thorsten Delfs
  • Sebastian Pritsch

Application Engineers: 

  • Thomas Kaczmarek
  • Holger Müller


Application Engineer:

  • Klaus Grüntjens

In-House Sales Engineers:

  • Christopher Jost
  • Fabian Beck
  • Tolga Alkan
  • Fahrudin Dugonjic
  • Sorella Dubisz

In-House Sales Engineers: 

  • Klaus Nowak
  • Robert Pop
  • Patrick Ränger

In-House Sales Engineers:

  • Nicole Kohl
  • Stephan Heckwolf
  • Martin Schütz

In-House Sales Engineers:

  • Eugenia Kohl
  • Kathrin Muth
  • Claudia Stolzenberg
  • Stefan Rundnagel

Sales Assistant: 

  • Melanie Appel

Sales Assistant:

  • Frauke Zacher

Sales Assistant:

  • Nicole Wypior

Sales Assistant:

  • Nicole Wypior
+49 6151/803-7337 or -7667
+49 6151/803-7557
+49 6151/803-7447
+ 49 6151/803-7887

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For repairs, please fill out this online form. After submitting your data, you will receive a unique number, which you can always refer to. Please print out HBM's confirmation email and attach it to your parcel. 

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