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How To Accelerate Motor Calibration and Control Development


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One of the greatest challenges in motor control and calibration is developing an electric powertrain so the motor, inverter, and the user can work together efficiently. There is a significant amount of evaluation that needs to be done to operate a system efficiently and to make it appealing to the user. A typical motor calibration can involve hundreds of efficiency maps, account for numerous thermal and mechanical states, incorporate a wide variety of electrical and mechanical signals, and can take weeks to execute. There are many methods that can be implemented to accelerate this procedure.

This presentation will discuss how the consolidation of measurement systems, recorded data, and dynamic power measurements can accelerate control and calibration testing.

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Mitch Marks

Business Development Manager - eDrive


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This webinar was presented and recorded as part of Charged EV's Virtual Conference on EV Engineering on April 21, 2021.