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Easy Control of Dynamic Measurement Tasks: The AED_Panel32 Software.

The intuitive panel software enables you to set up all parameters for your measurement.

More Features:

  • Calibration of the scale
  • Selection of bus address and baud rate
  • Entry of four limit values including hysteresis
  • Graphical analysis and visualization of results

Use the integrated graphics function to clearly visualize the behavior of the weighing process. In addition, you have several analysis functions at hand, like the Fast Fourier Transform for frequency analysis. This function enables you to analyze the vibration behavior of mechanical interference sources.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Clear PC panel software with graphical, Windows®-based
    user interface
  • Visualization of measurement and control signals
  • Comprehensive set of commands for diagnosis functions during operation
  • All functions can be controlled via PC
  • Integrated documentation of the setup parameters

Version 3.4

The new AED_Panel32 version 3.4 makes setting up parameters for your weighing applications even easier. Version 3.4 supports multi-head product weighers, too, and offers enhanced checkweigher functions, additional filter modes and new design elements.

50 Digital Filters Provide Protection Against Interference

Selectable filters eliminate undesired background signals resulting, for example, from vibrations or temperature effects. Results from static and dynamic measurements can thus be optimized.

The digital filters provide even more benefits…

  • Maximum throughput, fast settling of measured values
  • Interference-proof, correct and reliable operation
  • Cost savings, because no damping elements are required

Digital data acquisition in highly dynamic processes - using FIT® and AED



Use the powerful AED_Panel32 software for processing complex data from your weighing technology applications:


Frequency analysis for analyzing the measurement signals quickly

Clear:The measurement signal within the tolerance band of limit values and trigger functions