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Product in focus: SoMat eDAQ for structural health monitoring

The extremely robust SoMat eDAQ amplifier made by HBM is suitable for numerous tests within the framework of structural health monitoring. And not just because of the extremely solid manufacture which enables application even under the most difficult and challenging ambient conditions. SoMat eDAQ impresses with numerous technical features and can also support monitoring of structures.

The advantages speak for themselves for the HBM SoMat eDAQ:

  • Connection to all amplifiers typically used for structural health monitoring
  • Rugged, modular system for decentral synchronous data acquisition
  • Data logging: Intelligent data storage, data compression and realtime data pre-processing
  • Automatic consideration of abnormal sensor signals such as failure, drift, spikes, critical overshoots
  • Event-controlled recording of simultaneous and overlapping special events
  • Wireless and wired data access to integrated web server TCP/IP
  • Access via UMTS/WLAN/LAN

SoMat eDAQ supports many transducer types, e.g.:

  • Displacement, strain, crack width
  • Oscillation, acceleration
  • Temperature, air humidity
  • Analog current, voltage sensor
  • Digital inputs/outputs
  • Pulse counter

Even long-term monitoring tasks are no problem with SoMat eDAQ: Use numerous options for remote data transmission, via UMTS, W-LAN and LAN.

All advantages of the rugged amplifier system SoMat eDAQ

HBM services for your structural health monitoring tasks:

We support you in the ....:

  • Design of the test rig
  • Selection of suitable sensors and wiring
  • Installation of the transducer
  • Commissioning of your measurement system
  • Training and system handover

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