Optical Temperature Compensation Sensor OTC: Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based Sensor for Compensation of Thermal Effects

Optical sensors are highly dependent of temperature.

The Optical Temperature Compensation OTC Sensor can easily be connected next to any optical strain sensor to compensate for temperature induced changes during strain measurements. Compensation calculations can be easily achieved without effort using the existing functions in catman® software.

Due to its innovative properties, the OTC is particularly suitable for applications in experimental stress analysis, for example, materials testing or high-voltage applications.


  • Compensation of thermal strain in case of temperature variations during strain measurements

Correction of the temperature effect for precise mechanical strain measurements


  • Inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc)
  • Electrical isolation

Accurate results in adverse conditions (e.g. potentially explosive environments, high voltage areas and intense electromagnetic fields)


  • Easy handling and simple installation of multiple sensors in a single optical fiber

Automatic correction computation using catman® software

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