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Efficient processes thanks to standardized measurement technology: ARBURG fully relies on QuantumX by HBM for its services

Fast machine maintenance at the customer's premises, enhanced efficiency in production: ARBURG, one of the leading global manufacturers of injection molding machines, relies on data acquisition using QuantumX by HBM for both testing tasks in production and services. The benefit offered by the combined solution: full integration with day-to-day routines and processes as well as maximum flexibility.

High-quality plastics elements are omnipresent in our daily life. Be it automotive components, packaging or medical technology - thanks to modern injection molding machines there are virtually no limits to engineers and designers' creativity in shaping plastics.

Injection molding machines from ARBURG ensure maximum quality in plastics shaping worldwide. With over 2,150 employees worldwide, the company, headquartered in Germany, is committed to delivering constant innovation in the market.

Continuous testing and measuring in development, production and service is key to the company's success. ARBURG does not compromise when it comes to test and measurement equipment and has defined the QuantumX amplifier system as the standard test equipment to be used in all stages of the product life cycle. This means: ARBURG uses measurement data recorded with QuantumX in both development and production as well as in its services. The resulting corporate data pool creates transparency and brings about substantial efficiency and quality gains.

QuantumX MX440A as a global service tool

ARBURG uses the QuantumX MX440A amplifier module as a service tool for setting up and adjusting its injection molding machines. Services need to be flexible to enable cyclical maintenance intervals at the customer's premises to be efficiently handled. Here QuantumX is convincing in every aspect: Transducers are instantly identified thanks to full TEDS support. Measurement can be immediately started and does not require any complex parameterization. In addition, the universal connectors provided by QuantumX support all common transducer technologies.

Further advantages are high measurement quality, compact size as well as an Ethernet connection to the notebook - and not at least - optional integration into proprietary software. A working standard calibration certificate is electronically stored in every device - proof of high quality.

Service kit including sensor, amplifier and software

ARBURG has even developed a complete "Service Case" for its service engineers; it includes the MX440A amplifier and four sensors for measuring pressure, displacement, speed and force. The sensor calibration data is stored on the retrofitted TEDS chip in the connector. The kit also comprises a CD with data acquisition software developed by ARBURG specifically for this purpose and the operating manual.

The service kit is a useful service tool for setting up and adjusting ARBURG injection molding machines and is used throughout the world. It permits efficient servicing at the customer's premises with a proven high level of quality - and guarantees the extremely long service life of ARBURG machines. 

Flexible measuring trolley for partly automated final assembly

QuantumX is also used in other applications at ARBURG - for example in flexible final assembly. Here the company uses the MX840A amplifier which - depending on the requirements - is available on measuring trolleys wherever it is needed during the production process.

Efficient processes thanks to a standardized amplifier

ARBURG benefits from the QuantumX amplifier system's consistently high data quality in all stages of the product life cycle - from development through production and service.

The standardization of the amplifier system brings clear advantages to the company. The QuantumX system's high flexibility significantly reduces the time required for test and maintenance. In addition, ARBURG benefits from improved processes. QuantumX permits centralized measurement data collection, a requirement for certification per ISO9001. By standardizing and harmonizing all its processes ARBURG enhances efficiency and uses paperless processes.

Top quality, long service life, reliable use at the customer's premises: ARBURG machines guarantee high-quality injection molding products worldwide. High quality "made by ARBURG" is securely and well documented thanks to the company-wide use of HBM test and measurement technology.

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