Uranium isotope enrichment process: RTN load cells impress under extreme conditions

The RTN load cell is suited for extreme temperature conditions.
Workflow of a uranium isotope enrichment with a centrifugal method

Uranium isotope enrichment systems produce expensive products. This is why the produced quantities are precisely determined during the process procedure. An internationally common method of isotope separation is the gas centrifuge system. Isotopes in the introduced gas with different weights are mechanically separated in the centrifuges.

Load cell equipped for hot and cold temperatures

In the first production step, the transport container with the gaseous element to be separated is located in a heating chamber. The scale may be used at working temperatures of up to +80°C. Following a centrifuge cascade, the separated gases are cooled down in a cooling chamber. The thermometer can sink here down to -25°C. Identical load cells are used in both areas. Their precise installation location is unknown until they are installed.

RTN load cells save money by precision

To make maintenance simple and cost-effective, the load cells are individually interchangeable. This complicated requirement means that the respective load cell sets are not matched to each other, but must remain within the required limits with regards to their total performance in any combination whatsoever.

Project requirements for the load cells:

  • Recording loads up to 15 t, with a resolution of 3 kg
  • Working temperature range -25°C to +80°C
  • Simple exchange of load cells in case of maintenance
  • Recording loads up to 15 t, with a resolution of 3 kg
  • Random load cell combinations
  • Hermetically sealed due to strict safety regulations
  • Compact design

Temperature conditions clearly exceed the limits of -10°C to +40°C as specified by OIML and compliance with all requirements means that the specifications essentially square the circle. And this has been achieved with the specially improved RTN C3/4 load cell - to the total satisfaction of the customer.

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