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HBM helps tail lifts meet regulations ahead of schedule

Del Equipment (UK) Ltd has utilised HBM’s data acquisition and analysis equipment to ensure its range of tail lifts meets the forthcoming UNECE Whole Vehicle Type Approval regulations in advance of implementation giving it an edge over its competitors.

Del is the designer and manufacturer of the widest range of tail and bin lifts made in the UK with some 30 main variants covering various capacities all of which needed to gain component approval.

To achieve this, Del had to statically test the complete range of rear under-run protective devices that forms part of the tail lift configuration. Amir Tabatabai, Mechanical Design Engineer at Del, says, “We had to ensure that our under-run bars met the strength requirements of the regulations, and so we needed accurate force measurement equipment”.

Torque measurement in practice

Tests were conducted at Del’s factory at Witney in Oxfordshire using an in-house developed rig fitted with a hydraulic ram that could easily slide to different positions for testing alternative points on the tail lift construction if necessary.

Forces were measured using an HBM U10M transducer with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) connected to a QuantumX MX840 for data capture while the analysis was carried out using HBM’s catman®Easy software.

HBM’s engineers visited Del to see at first-hand what the company was trying to achieve and to get a better idea of its requirements. As a result of co-ordinating with Del, HBM was able to recommend the best equipment for the job including the U10M force transducer because it substantially reduces cross-talk between bending moments and lateral forces through its integrated, patented compensating circuit.

Comments Tabatabai, “HBM was very keen to come down and spend time with us right from the start. This helped them to deliver a solution that was cost effective, reliable and applicable to what we were trying to measure”. He adds, “Calling the software ‘catman®Easy’ is a technical understatement, as it is very user-friendly”.

Tabatabai remarks, “HBM put us first and didn’t try to push the wrong equipment. We felt their equipment was superior to the competition and helped us to achieve our objectives within a tight framework”.