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EMG PRESSES rely on MP85A FASTpress

The company LONG EMG is headquartered at Annecy in France, and has been making mechanical pneumatic and hydraulic presses of 3.5 kN to 800 kN since 1966. They are regular users of HBM´s force transducers and with the recent advent of the MP85A FASTpress, they now have the latest, top-quality measurement technology.

At the MOTEK and EUROBLECH 2007 trade shows, LONG EMG displayed a pneumatic press that measured displacement and force with an integrated MP85A FASTpress.

For General Manager Stéphane Long, the reasons for doing this are obvious: “More and more of our customers from the automotive industry are using transducers and electronics to ensure 100 % accuracy. We also need the performance of the HBM system for a contract from the watch-making industry, to meet the quality requirements for luxury watches.”

“During feasibility tests, the precision achieved by the force transducers allows us to discover errors that would otherwise be difficult to find. By saving the results on the MMC card, linked to a PC via Ethernet and having the MP85A toolkit, we are in a position to implement user-specific, graphic interfaces. This means we can meet all the important criteria of the specifi cations”, adds Applications Engineer Michel Puthod.

The new U93 force transducer is ideally suited to the press and its use is easily implemented with TEDS and MP85A FASTpress.
The high I / O count during production ensures that the user can operate the press efficiently and smartly. Access rights to certain settings can be restricted, subject to their area of responsibility.

This minimizes the risk of incorrect operation and improves safety. The competitive situation in the press market calls for innovative solutions, so that production can continue in Europe and at the same time, technically attractive tenders can be made. Which is why EMG PRESSES entered into partnership with HBM.

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