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Webinar: Measurements at High Strain Levels – New Series of Electrical Strain Gauges with Increased Resistance to Alternating Loads


Strain gauges (SG) have been producing reliable results for years in experimental stress analysis and especially in fatigue life analysis of fiber composite components. The effects of real or simulated loads on assemblies and structures can be evaluated using SG measurement technology with excellent results.

Due to the extreme hardness of the materials, however, the standard measuring equipment that is used now frequently reaches its limits. It sometimes happens that an SG oscillating for an extended period of time at a high load level fails earlier than the component being measured.

In this webinar we will explore these challenges in more detail and point out some solutions. Displacement of an S-N curve will be discussed using a new HBM product as an example. We will also look into optical systems, another useful tool for extremely high strain levels.


Jens Boersch

International Product Management T&M at HBM


[email protected]


Measurements at high strain levels – New series of electrical strain gauges with increased resistance to alternating loads (pdf)