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HBM eDrive Testing is the advanced power analyzer that gives you this insight into the inner life of your inverter and electric drive train – and which brings your inverter to talk with you. Unlike other performance measuring instruments, HBM eDrive Testing offers you not only measurement data, but also in-depth analysis. Available in seconds, not in days. Also available for 6-phase machines.

Come into the world of true analysis of inverters and electric drive train. We have provided 3 white papers to download on the topic "Analysis of electrical inverters and machines":

  • Efficiency and Loss Mapping of AC Motors
  • Power Measurements on a Pulse Width Modulated Inverter
  • Calculating Power Quantities

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Genesis HighSpeed data recorders from HBM are particularly suitable for measurements on inverter-fed AC induction motors. Thanks to their modular design, these measurement systems allow any number of channels while providing high sampling rates.


Recently electrical machines have become an important topic in many industries including power generation, heating/cooling, transportation and home appliances. With increases in efficiency standards and the increase in battery powered devices, the motor efficiency has become an important topic.


Accurate and highly dynamic power measurements are required for assessing and testing electric drives in industrial applications, and for hybrid and electric vehicles. To be able to evaluate these measurement results, the function and working method of the drive components must be considered.