How Safe is your Wind Turbine?

Extend the lifetime of your wind turbine and ensure the structural integrity of your wind power plant with HBMprofessional monitoring solutions and on-site installation services.

HBM offers measurement products and support for testing and monitoring the wind turbines’ structures and components, such as complete SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) or CM (Condition Monitoring) systems.

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HBM test products and systems

cover almost all measurements...

  • Strain for fatigue testing and mechanical stress identification
  • Torque in gear units to determine the generator's efficiency
  • Compressive force to measure the total mass of the structure
  • Displacement, acceleration, tilt...

... of different values in most components,

  • Tower, foundation, rotor blades, gear units, drive train (inverters) and others
  • Mechanical loads and measurable variables 
  • During manufacturing, transportation, operation and service life   

required in wind turbine monitoring

  • Components testing
  • Load assessment
  • Structural design & analysis 
  • Individual pitch control

Your Benefits with HBM

Detect material faults and fatigue in early stages
Prolong turbines service life
Create “planable” maintenance 
Reduce expensive downtimes due to unscheduled repair operations
Validate new designs, construction methods and materials
Evaluate damage after structural faults

Optical Sensors Installed on Rotor Blades

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