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Webinar: Precise Weighing in Your Packaging Machine – Powered by HBM's Measuring Chains


The market for packaging machines is becoming increasingly more demanding. Filling and dosing processes must not only be precise, but deviations also need to be corrected without any delay to reduce overfill. This is the only way to reduce the amount of rejected products to a minimum. The solution? In-Line weighing – right inside your packaging machine.

In this free webinar, we give you a quick overview, which HBM measuring chain best suits which packaging type. Short live demos will show you these measuring chains in action. This information will help you build the next-generation packaging machine.

HBM product manager Thomas Langer, an expert in the field of weighing technology, will guide you through this 30-minute webinar:

  • Introduction to the topic of In-Line weighing
  • Recommendation of suitable measurement chains
  • Short Live-Demo 



Thomas Langer

Product Manager Weighing Technology at HBM


[email protected]

Printing Materials

Weighing in Your Packaging Machine (pdf)