AD105D - Digital Transducer Electronics

The AD105D transducer electronics converts signals supplied by analogue load cells into digital signals. It enables you to benefit from digital precision while continuing to use the systems you already have in place, thus saving time and money.

  • Accuracy class: 0.01
  • Interfaces: RS-485 (2-wire communication) or CANopen
  • Measuring inputs: one digital I/O

Please note: AD105D is only available in units of 10 or 50 pieces.

High measuring quality

For strain gauge sensors and load cells with adjustable output rates of up to 200 measured values per second. Equipped with digital filters, trigger functions, and limit switches, it offers an alternative as a digital all-rounder.

Reliable and stable digitization of measured values and parameter storage.


Due to its simple handling, filter modes, analysis and adjustment options, the electronics is also suitable for dosing and filling machines. The AD105D has one configurable digital control input and output each, and a status LED.

Practical functionality and analysis functions.

Easy integration

The transducer electronics can be conveniently integrated with various system environments using the RS-485 (2-wire half-duplex) and CANopen interfaces. The device is started via a PC and using the free PanelX software.

Universal and ready-to-use at an attractive price.

AD105D Product Literature

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Declaration of Conformity
Otros materiales
Device Descriptions

Date: 04/2021  |  Size: 128 KB


Macro-project containing CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8.

Date: 03/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 17 MB


Panel software for:

  • WTX Series
  • PAD Digital Transducer Electronics
  • FIT load cells (FIT/4, FIT/5, FIT5A, FIT7A)
  • Digital load cells (PW15iA, PW15AHi, PW20i, C16i, C16i3)
  • AD/AED electronics (AD103C, AD104C, AD105C, AD105D)

Date: 03/2021  |  Version: 2.1.1  |  Size: 23 MB
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