Composite materials - Practical hints for strain gauges Composite materials - Practical hints for strain gauges | HBM

Webinar: Composite Materials – Practical Hints for Strain Gauge Installations and Measurements

This webinar was held on:

 Thursday, June 27, 2019      10:00 AM CEST   

Many industries show an increasing interest in composite based structures in recent years, as there are a lot of advantages like design flexibility, lower weight, high stiffness, lower cost than alloys and improved productivity. In this webinar you will get practical hints installing strain gauges on or in composite materials for structural durability testing or monitoring.

  • Challenges measuring strain on composites with electrical strain gauges
  • Choosing the right gauge resistance, grid length, excitation voltage and other parameters with the latest HBM insights and installation tips
  • Live demo measuring strain on CFK-Blade model in fullbridge configuration for bending and torsion testing (real test case oriented)


Manuel Schultheiß

Product Manager Experimental Stress Analysis


[email protected]