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Wind Turbines: Installation of an Optical Measurement System

Watch this video about wind turbine monitoring – an installation that met the requirements of one of our customers – from mounting the sensor at the right locations to results and analysis. HBK engineer Carola Corazza and technician Sergio Possenti documented the installation of an optical strain measurement system on a 60kW wind turbine in South Italy.

Our customer wanted to monitor the wind turbine’s edge/flap moment, the bending moment and the torsion of the tower with other parameters such as the speed/direction of the wind or wind pressure.

The challenge: sensors (90° for the blades, 360° for the hub) and one of the optical DAQ systems on the rotating part, needed to be installed at great heights, while dealing with vibration, and general environmental conditions.

Being experienced and familiar with carrying out such challenging projects, the HBK experts supported the customer by installing an optical measurement system.

HBK services and technology was not only chosen because of the well-known and proven high quality, bbut also because we could deliver offering a complete solution for the project, which consisted of sensors, amplifiers, custom products, the installation and the start-up. HBK could additionally support with analysis of the measurement results, so the customer essentially not only bought a measurement system but a whole carefree package.

An important aspect of the installation was the weight of the sensors as it impacts the balance of the blades. By being on the same chain, optical sensors offer the benefit of having a reduced weight and were, therefore, the perfect fit.

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