What's new in Perception 6.16?

Perception 6.16 offers the following new features:

  • X-Y-Display for Gen2i and Perception
  • HIC functions to formula data base
  • Software support for all variants of a new 16/32 channel board

X-Y Display

The X-Y Display shows data from one or more channels as a function from data from another channel - as opposed to a function of time (Y-t Display). It is available in PERCEPTION (6.16) as well in the GEN2i user interface.

The X-Y Display is available in the "Review Mode" but also in "Live Mode". The shown data in the X-Y Display are linked to the Y-t Display of selected signals (Traces).

The displayed data in the X-Y Display are given by the length of the Frame. The Frame length can be easy changed in the properties of the X-Y Display.

Cursors are available in the X-Y Display, too. This gives you the possibilty to determine points and intervals of interests. The values are given in the cursor table. The functionality of Set cursor to position makes it very easy to get the required information from a point of interest.

The persistence of the displayed data gives the user a information regarding the history of the displayed data. For example, the user would be able to see the rolling direction when accelerometer are used for the measurement.

HIC functions to formula data base

HIC is the abbreviation for Head Injury Criterion.
The HIC value is the standardized maximum integral value of the acceleration.

The detailed descriptions of the HIC functions are given by the ISO TS 13499.

Software support for all variants of a new 16/32 channel board

HBM will launch new 16 and 32 channel acquisition cards soon. The support of these new cards already builds into the software 6.16.

Screenshots X-Y Display

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