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TECH NOTE :: PMX – T12 application via CAN with CODESYS

This is an introduction on how to use a T12 torque transducer with a PMX system via the CANopen interface by using CODESYS. Basic experience with CODESYS is assumed. Experienced users are free to adopt a different approach. Further help is available from the examples that are installed as standard on the desktop when the PMX package is installed and from the online Help for the package. The necessary files are on the "PMX CODESYS" CD that is included in the scope of supply of every PMX containing CODESYS or can be downloaded from the support page at

The T12 transducer can forward measured values via the CAN-Bus as shown in the figure below.

Required Equipment

  • 1x PMX-System (incl. supply)
  • 1x T12 transducer
  • 1x CAN cable
  • 1x Ethernet-cable
  • CODESYS Program


Connect the T12 torque transducer to the PMX System with the CAN cable, as shown below.

The PMX System is connected to the computer via Ethernet cable.

Install the device description file

In order to use a transducer with CODESYS the matching device description file needs to be available for the system. In case the file is not available yet, it can be downloaded from the HBM Support site. The file format is „.eds“.

Open CODESYS and choose „Tools“ in the menu. Select „Install Device“ and choose the directory where the device description file is located. Double check for the correct file format.

Select the EDS file and install it.

Setup a CODESYS Project

Open Codesys-Environment. Under „Basic Operations“ choose a “New Project“. Set a name for the project and confirm with “OK“.

Choose the PMX as device.

The following overview opens up.

By double-click on the Gateway the network is searched for devices. Choose the matching device from the listed devices (here: PMX). The name of the selected device is written in bold letters with the endorsement (active).

Add a CAN Bus and other devices

Right-click on Device (CODESYS Control…) choose „Add Device“. In the window that opens up, select the CANbus and add it.

Right-click on the CANbus and select „Add Device“, too. Now choose the CANopen Manager and add it.

Finally right-click on the CANopen Manager in order to select the transducer (here: T12). Remember to have the device description file installed in advance, as mentioned before in this Technote.

Setup the transducer

Set the matching Baudrate of the PMX in the CANbus menu. How to check the Baudrate of the PMX is explained in the following.

Open the settings menu of the PMX in the web browser (in Administrator Mode) and choose „System Options“.

In this menu switch the CAN-Termination to „On“. The current Baudrate is shown.

Choose the T12 sensor and int tab „CANopen Remote Device“ enter Node-ID: 110 (default value). In the tab „CANopen I/O Mapping“ set the checkbox „Always update variables“.

Build the Program and Login.

The Program can be started by clicking on „Start“ (F5) . The following overview is shown, where the sensor values are displayed.



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