Maximum Safety for Testing Battery Packs

The global mega trend in electrifying tools, machines and vehicles leads to a huge demand in developing new products like drives, semiconductors, energy storage, cabling and infrastructure. Rechargeable lithium based batteries, power packs or energy storage modules need to be approved and certified in all use- and mis-use cases and according to IEC and UL standards

To face this demand QuantumX data acquisition system is the first choice in getting reliable measurement results when dealing with big battery packs or complete system setups together with charging station, inverter, electric drive/actuator or complete drivetrains. Even for challenging projects with a variety of requirements also considering physical parameters like strain (optical, electrical), weight, digital CAN/xCP bus communication to Battery Management System (BMS) or Charging Stations QuantumX provides the flexible measurement solution.

Benefits of the QuantumX Data Acquisition System


Isolated instruments (high common mode rejection CMR) with highly accurate signals (noise robust) and maximum safety (contact safe, shock and fire proof plugging - VDE proved safety) for all relevant inputs


Powerful and distributable software catman: Easy to integrate into Visual Studio .NET, and LabVIEW™; in real-time via EtherCAT and Ethernet


Cost effective modular and freely scalable system with instruments for CAN bus, strain gauges, data recorder with high data throughput and standardized plugging

The Most Flexible Tool in Measurement

From a few to hundreds of channels: the universal DAQ solution QantumX is freely scalable and can stand-alone. It controls loads via digital or voltage output in real-time for covering all use- and misuse cases. All relevant signals can be acquired – parallel and time synchronous raw data in a safe way:

  • 5 V cell to 1500 V (transient robust)
  • mA current to 100 A via current transducer  
  • temperature via thermocouple type K, J, T, E, N based on ISO standardized thermo mini sockets
  • CAN bus signals

Furthermore online mathematical analysis of load cases, calculation of power and efficiency can be done in catman software. QuantumX DAQ system is the best solution for analysis and test of energy storage, big packs and battery modules.

Battery Testing

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Examples of Test Cases

  • Long term measurement for durability or life time analysis (cycle simulation, power cycling, charge and discharge rate, self-discharge, fast charge)
  • Ambient influences (temperature)
  • Test of loading station
  • Overall system test in complete drivetrain including electric drive and simulated conditions (functionality, performance, efficiency, range, reverse load feedback)
  • Misuse (overload, short-circuit, overheat, mechanical load, defect)
  • Test of battery management (overload protection)
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