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The Different Types of Load Cells Supplied By HBM – The World’s Leading Load Cell Manufacturer

HBM is the world’s leading load cell manufacturer, with facilities in the US, Germany and China. Our range of load cells is vast, and this overview will outline some of the products we supply in this range.

Single Point Load Cell

The single point load cell is the most versatile of all the load cells we manufacture as they can be used for a variety of weighing functions for different applications. They are often employed in small to medium-sized platform scales.

Single point load cells are highly accurate and can weigh loads that are ‘off-center’, while still providing a high level of precision. These load cells are typically employed in the food, medical, and automotive industries.

Digital Load Cell

A digital load cell processes the signal differently to an analog load cell, and this improves the signal strength, data sample rate, and signal content. This type of load cell is a popular choice as they provide fast, reliable, precise, and cost-effective weighing method.

Common applications of digital load cells include checkweighers, filling, packaging, and sorting machines, as they provide a dynamic approach to measuring.

Beam Load Cell

A beam load cell (often called a bending load cell) is an extremely popular choice for many measuring tasks as there is a lot of different types of beam load cells.

They work by measuring the bending moment, where the weight of the load puts pressure on the load cell’s metal spring element and causes elastic deformation.

Beam load cells manufactured by HBM are employed in sectors where goods are processed, controlled, or produced, including tank weighing, process weighing, and plant engineering.

Canister load cells

Canister load cells (sometimes referred to as column load cells) are employed for larger weight applications as they have a high resistance against bending and deforming.

HBM manufactures self-centering canister load cells, that have a legal for trade accuracy of up to 5000 divisions.

RTN Load Cell

In a ring torsion (RTN) load cell, the measuring element is formed in the shape of a ring, and when a load is applied to this load cell the diameter of the ring becomes smaller on top and bigger below.

They typically don’t suffer from much warping due to their extremely high maximum capacity, making RTN load cells ideal for fast weighing.

Application areas for RTN load cells include large platform scales and any container weighing tasks.

Load Cells from HBM

As the world-leading load cell manufacturer, HBM delivers exceptional quality in our entire range. We are able to supply load cells in both small or large quantities depending on the requirements.

If you have any questions about any of our load cell products, our experienced technical support staff are available to help, please contact us.