Tips and Tricks for Industrial Process Control (IPC)

Learn more about the basics of industrial process control and read many fascinating articles on the topic. Webinars, customer success stories, and white papers have been made available to enhance your knowledge of IPC.

The basics of industrial process control

Industrial amplifiers and measurement chains from HBM

The Industrial Internet of Things: Test and measuring equipment for future applications

Webinars – Become a testing and measuring expert in 30 minutes

Application reports: The routes to success

White papers on IPC

ClipX - The precise and easy-to-integrate signal conditioner

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The basics of industrial process control

Industrial Measurement and Control

Are you looking for an effective and affordable means to monitor your manufacturing processes within the scope of manufacturing measurement? HBM provides you with the right solution for efficient production control and process measurement technology.



What is a Signal Conditioner?

A signal conditioner helps achieve precise measurements, which are essential for accurate data acquisition and machine control. These instruments can additionally perform a number of different functions. Learn more about this here.

How to Find the Right Amplifier

The use of amplifiers in production is an essential part of your quality assurance process. Here, you will learn what decision-making criteria you should take into account while selecting a new industrial amplifier.

Industrial amplifiers and measurement chains from HBM

Measuring Amplifiers for Use in Production

HBM is your reliable partner in industrial process control and offers solutions for the complete measuring chain. Know-how that you can trust. With perfectly matched components, which you can set up rapidly and easily. Here, you will find Information about all the HBM amplifiers at a glance.

The Industrial Internet of Things: Test and measuring equipment for future applications

Test and Measurement Technology Meets the Industrial Internet of Things

Enhanced flexibility, higher speed, and increased efficiency in the production process are the objectives pursued by forward-thinking companies. The vision of networking man and machine with other objects is the central pillar in this context, which is quickly becoming a reality. The ‘IIoT’ is the name this vision is known by. Here, you will learn more about this new trend.

IIoT Glossary

Whether it is Big Data, Smart Factory, or Predictive Maintenance, this glossary explains all the key terms and ideas pertaining to the Industrial Internet of Things.

Interface 4.0 – Effective Communication Is What Matters

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is shaped by the Internet of Things (IoT) and self-optimizing value chains. The vertical and horizontal networking of companies is essential to it. Read more about real-time communication for precise and flexible measuring amplifiers in industrial applications that use Industrial Cloud communication.

Webinars – Become a testing and measuring expert in 30 minutes

Webinar: From the Sensor to Industrial Automation in the Digitized World

This 30-minute Webinar provides insights into the tasks assigned to modern control systems and demonstrates how you can benefit from using high-grade testing and measuring equipment.

Application reports: The routes to success

Schuler: HBM measurement technology in process monitoring

New coins are brought into circulation when old ones become defective and worn. Coining presses made by the Göppingen-based company, Schuler, are involved in about 80% of coin production worldwide. Schuler relies on the highly dynamic and reliable measurement technology provided by HBM in order to achieve this, with a measurement chain comprising of the SLB700A strain transducer and the MP85DP measuring amplifier. Read more here.

Brunwick: Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System Helps Boat Builder Keep Hull Weight and Thickness on Track

Today, Sea Ray’s new MMS, now in the last stages of a year-long beta test on the yacht production line, dispenses with the wheel and stroke counter. Instead, Minogue has linked a PMX signal conditioning system. Read more here.

White Papers on IPC

Failsafe press monitoring - measurement technology as an efficiency driver

Integrating modern monitoring systems based on test and measurement equipment is key to increasing the accuracy and bandwidth of presses. Precisely measuring press forces is of vital importance. For example, using force transducers installed directly in the force flow or strain transducers for indirect force shunt measurement. Read more about, how to save costs by using precise testing and measuring equipment.

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